The Dark Lord has a sinister plan

Release Day

I've got a bunch of release for my main projects today:
The biggest news is much faster (tho still slow) performance for redparse, rubymacros and reg, and support for ruby 1.9 syntax (not the new constructions for 2.0+, tho... should be pretty easy once I get to them tho).

Unfortunately, there are some problems in these releases. Mostly its a matter of noise in the test output: test failures and (worse, because there are so many) warnings. I have struggled valiantly against the warnings, most of them about unimportant quibbles, and reduced them a lot, but there are still too many. Redparse has about 40 test failures and while I won't claim these are not bugs, they are extremely obscure and unlikely to come up very often in real code. Rubylexer has a lot of noise about token positions being wrong... this is also fairly minor especially compared to how much chatter it creates in test output.

Worst of all are some actual gaps in the functionality (bugs) of the new generate-and-eval matching engine in reg. Hence, the letter in the version number of this release of reg. This is not a stable release of reg.

I am committed to addressing all these issues, but there are also other things I'm trying to do too right now.

Most of the "new" code was in git a long time ago, and it's only recently that I finally wrapped it all up as proper releases.