The Dark Lord has a sinister plan

This is The One Ring

Welcome to The One Ring. I am the Dark Lord Sauron.

Ok, no really, my name is Caleb Clausen, and this is my blog. The plan was to be that I would pretend to be Sauron, who has just created the One Ring, and now I have a sinister plan, the exact nature of which isn’t clear at first. I had a little expository text around here somewhere, to serve as a kind of background illustration. (I  wonder if that survived the great Laptop OS Reinstallation.)

But, I’ve been scooped. The Dark Lord Charles Nutter got there first, with his announcement of Duby, a ruby-like language with optional static typing. (Really cool name, BTW, Charles.) Charles has gone way farther with that project than I ever would have been able to. All props to Charles for creating Duby. Charlie, if you’re listening, I still think it should be contraints, rather than types.

So, ok, ok, back to Sinister Plan B, which is what I should have really been focusing on in the first place. What is Sinister Plan B, you ask? Well, that’s not exactly clear yet. I will say that it relates to RubyMacros, my lisp-like macro system for ruby. For those who see the implications, Sinister Plan B should be pretty clear. For the rest of you, just hang tight. When you find yourself worshipping at my feet and calling me a god, then you will know what Sinister Plan B is.